About Us

Y & G Global Polymers, LLC., specializes in inventing and developing innovative technologies widely utilized in number of industries. Our company holds intellectual rights on number of innovative technologies with potentially unlimited applications in various industries. Since the inception of our company, we take great pride in technologies developed by our staff of accomplished scientists. Our company consists of team of dedicated individuals having extensive experience and advanced degrees in fields of chemistry, physics, economics and law. Our company’s unique array of services and expertise in providing individually tailored consulting can offer the client a turn-key solution to their business and scientific requirements. Y & G Global Polymers, LLC., also offers full spectrum of research and consulting services designed to interpret and address all nuances pertaining to inventing, developing, obtaining intellectual rights, marketing and selling innovative technologies to interested parties. Our company also specializes in all aspects of international trade of Polyethylene and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).